Repair or Replace

Homeowners are often faced with the question Can I repair or do I have to replace my roof?

So lets look at a few of the important factor in that decision.

How old is your roof?

More importantly, how far away from the roof’s manufacturers life expectancy is the roof?
If wear, loose or missing shingles is your concern, a roof within 3 years of the manufacturers life expectancy should be replaced.
Economically it make little sense to spend money on repairs to a roof that will continue to fail and cost you more money for repairs (interior & exterior) than replacing the roof does now.

Is the damage to your roof confined to one area?

If your roof has plenty of life left in it and only a portion becomes damaged, the entire roof probably doesn’t need replacement. A section or even a small area can be replaced and will blend in with the rest of the roof in a few months. Make sure that you have the entire roof inspected, not just the damaged area, when any damage occurs. This will help you prevent making the wrong repair decision if issues in other areas are overlooked and replacement is required.

Tear off or roof over?

Once the decision is made to reroof, you will have to decide if you want to install your new roof over the previous one or tear the existing roof off first.
If there are 2 layers or more of shingles already, the decision is made for you. It all must come off! Roofing over a single layer of shingles will save you money, but there is a realistic chance that your new roof may not last as long as removing the previous shingles to expose any hidden damage to the roof deck or sheathing.

Discuss options with a Genuine Roofing Contractor.

Genuine Roofing ContractorA reputable Genuine Roofing Contractor will be happy to come out and inspect your entire roof for free and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Professional roofers have no problem repairing a roof versus replacing one. It is in their best interest to build a relationship of trust with you for future business and referrals so take advantage of their expertise.